The principle of co-extrusion

During the co-extrusion procedure, the white PVC base bodies and the dyed acrylic glass (PMMA) are inseparably fused with one another. Acrylic glass is a high-quality product, which has proven its qualities in industrial sectors such as the automotive industry (tail-lights) and interior design. The plastic profile acts as a carrier material, while the thin layer of acrylic glass secures the profiles' colouring.

Unique surface structure

Brushing the acrylic layer not only produces a standardised grain, but also a fine, semi-matt gloss on the surface. This high-quality finish is unique on the market for dyed windows.



1 Supplying the white PVC melted mass via the main extruder.
2 The dyed acrylic melted mass is added using a co-extruder.
3 In the co-extrusion tool, both of the liquid components are inseparably bonded with one another.
4 To achieve a closed surface and a brilliant colour, the profile surface is polished with a grinding machine.

Co-extrusion, the innovative technology

More than 30 years ago now, GEALAN developed an innovative technology to combine the positive properties of two materials in a single product. Since then, acrylcolor has been the first choice for clients, planners and renovators when they place especially high standards on dyed windows and doors.