What is acrylcolor?

During the dyeing procedure of co-extrusion, the white PVC base bodies and the dyed acrylic glass are inseparably bonded with one another in a single work step. Fusing both of these materials produces a semi-matt, dyed external profile surface that withstands the effects of the weather with ease.

Proven for decades

GEALAN has been producing its acrylcolor profiles in the co-extrusion procedure for almost 30 years. GEALAN is setting standards by using this procedure, because it is essentially very different from the otherwise conventional dyeing procedures. The result is synonymous with unmatched colour properties and many years of colour fastness. Windows featuring acrylcolor profiles also satisfy the most stringent technical and functional requirements.


Even sophisticated design specifications or typically regional colour shades don't pose a problem. If our windows are filled with colour, diversity is on trend. There's the right shade for every environment. From fine white to modern silver, all colours are available. Naturally colour-fast and RAL-tested.

Co-extrusion, the innovative technology

More than 30 years ago now, GEALAN developed an innovative technology to combine the positive properties of two materials in a single product. Since then, acrylcolor has been the first choice for clients, planners and renovators when they place especially high standards on dyed windows and doors.