» The benefits of acrylcolor

Extreme resistance to the weather

As part of the external façade, the window profiles in particular are subjected to solar radiation, weather, environmental and mechanical influences. So that dyed windows retain their aesthetic appeal over the years, profiles capable of withstanding this load are required. You're playing it safe with acrylcolor profiles from GEALAN. Over the years, acrylic glass has proven its resisting force in millions of car tail-lights. The same material is also used for the surface of acrylcolor profiles. Windows featuring acrylcolor profiles are therefore robust, even under extreme climate conditions.


The white base layer under the layer of acrylic glass (which is permeable to infra-red light) to a large extent reflects the sun's rays. Heating of the profiles is therefore minimised considerably. The differences in temperatures that occur between white and dyed profiles are astonishingly low.

Co-extrusion, the innovative technology

More than 30 years ago now, GEALAN developed an innovative technology to combine the positive properties of two materials in a single product. Since then, acrylcolor has been the first choice for clients, planners and renovators when they place especially high standards on dyed windows and doors.