» The benefits of acrylcolor


The hard acrylic surface is scratch-resistant and insensitive. acrylcolor windows are therefore counted amongst the most resistant of construction elements. Measuring around 0.5 mm, the acrylic layer is thicker than any layer of varnish. Should scratches ever appear on the surface, there is sufficient material left over that can be used for polishing.

No spalling

Due to the inseparable bonding and hard surface, spalling or chipping of the dyed layer is permanently avoided.


Most of the profile systems offered by GEALAN are available in acrylcolor. You can choose between different standard colours and even metallic shades, such as silver or aluminium.


You will find a current overview here:

Co-extrusion, the innovative technology

More than 30 years ago now, GEALAN developed an innovative technology to combine the positive properties of two materials in a single product. Since then, acrylcolor has been the first choice for clients, planners and renovators when they place especially high standards on dyed windows and doors.